Tarot Card Reading

We first look at your psyche or soul archetype and what you are growing towards in mind, emotion, body and spirit in this lifetime. With that in mind, we talk about your dreams, intentions, challenges and gifts in the short and long run.  Some people come to me at the beginning of a new phase in their lives/transitions or during a crisis period.  I do not read tarot cards as a fortune telling system, but rather as a window into what is present now in your psyche that you are having difficulty accessing(unconscious thoughts, feelings,energies) or understanding. After doing the reading, I help process with you what the cards show and provide ideas and inspiration for your next steps.  The cards are a window into your psyche and I have never found them to be off target.  Your life is always changing and nothing in the future is set in stone. You have the power to react to what life has offered to you in a very meaningful and positive way. Most people are surprised at the accuracy and outcome of my readings and leave feeling uplifted and hopeful.

"Jane’s a gifted healer and a conduit for energy and light. The tarot reading was pretty much right on - where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. It was honest, illuminating, very intuitive, and kinda scary. It’s always scary, for me, to see the path in front of me and worry about how I’m going to get there, yet Jane also makes available tools to do that as well. You’re not abandoned at the end.  The imagery is stunning, her enthusiasm sweeps you along, and you can really feel her walking with you as she shines a light on your journey.  I can’t recommend her highly enough '--Donna