Shamanism is the oldest form of spiritual practice. I like to think of Shamanism as soul medicine. The medicine addresses suffering that cannot be resolved through conventional modern methods because the issue of soul is not taken into consideration. I practice and study universal and multicultural Shamanism as a way to facilitate wholeness and healing for myself, others and the world. I perceive every creation on our planet as alive and conscious - life force energy.

The practice of Shamanism begins by changing my consciousness through prayer, meditation, drumming, ceremony etc. In an altered state and by creating a safe and protected container, I will sometimes take a journey to other worlds in the Shamanic realm or just receive guidance and information from helping, compassionate spirit guides. Together holistic healing for restoration is applied and then brought back into this world for my clients. Studies show that the brain is equally affected by what happens in the awake and the dream states.  Shamanism can help recreate brain connections and help people dream awake a new healthy reality into being. There is no prescribed way of doing this profound work as each person, medicine and session is complex and unique. I follow where I am being led and trust in my guidance and wisdom helpers.

Typical illnesses of the soul that I commonly treat are power loss, soul fragmentation, and loss of spiritual connection. This form of healing addresses terror, shock, trauma, surgery, addiction, loss, divorce, ptsd, immune deficiency, grief, energy imbalance, stagnation, physical disease, body pain, anxiety and depression.

”Jane is one of the most phenomenal healers I have ever worked with. She practices true feminine shamanism in ways that work with the body, heart, mind, and soul. I am so grateful for Jane and Joy of Being.” NK

Please contact Jane if you would like more information or to schedule an appointment or ceremony.

$200- 120 minutes Shamanic Healing

$155 - 90 minute Shamanic Journey

Ceremony 3-5 hours, individual or group- cost varies

The Luminous Path One Year Shamanic Program Beginning March 2020. Please Contact Jane for details.