Guided Ceremony Indoors or Outdoors

For Healing, Transformation, Clarity, Soul Retrieval, Connection, Love, Grace ,Release, Empowerment, Courage, Forgiveness, Heart Opening, Surrender, Peace, Blessings, New Beginnings, Grief, Wholeness, Attachment, Grounding, Relationships, Divinity, Communication, Gifts…. The list is endless! Clients receive their intentions and much more during these beautiful and deep journeys where soul takes the lead. Together we co - create the ceremony you desire. I’m able to hold you through anything life is offering you, as I have worked in the healing realms since 2002 and possess clairvoyant and energetic skills. I build a sacred space for you on land or indoors. A second ceremonialist may be called in to offer extra support and guidance.

"Ceremony is the glue thats binds culture, and the rituals of ceremony allow a true giving of oneself.  Mind, body, and spirit all need the sanctuary of ritual to allow stillness and peace.  It is during the solitude of ceremony that all freely merge into one and complete the circle of creation."- Lynn V. Andrews

With Shamanic Practitioner and Ceremonialist Jane Sanguinetti

Please Call for a free 30 Minute Session to see how I can serve you.


For Groups or Individuals
Daytime and Evening Dates are Available
3-5 hours
Cost is based on length of Ceremony & Number of Participants