Art as Medicine
Why Intentional Creativity?

First of all, it's really fun and deeply nourishing!

Creativity is who we are as human beings. When we express ourselves, we feel good. When we create with healing intention, we free ourselves. When we shift internally, we heal those around us and radiate healing to a world deeply in need of love.

Intentional Creativity is a powerful guided process that illuminates what’s on the inside into an art form, expressing the often hidden voice on the inside – the voice that defines us, the voice that may have been silenced by traumatic events, the voice that was scared, the voice that may have been too shy to speak. 

And so we explore painting in the sacred container of a group to better understand who we are, what’s truly important to us and the common threads that bind us collectively through time and space. We peel back layers of that which binds us, bring forth visions and prayers for healing and place them into a physical art form that emerges as incredible beauty. 

This transition from formless to form easily transforms energy and allows us to return home to ourselves. With the IC process, you will be guided through self-inquiry and self-expression, ultimately heralding the joy that comes with authentic creative flow. 


August 17 11am-6pm & Aug 18 11am-6pm BACK TO NATURE: An Elemental Summer Immersion on the Earth- A two day workshop- Location Outdoors at a special Venue to allow nature to inform your expression $395 includes art supplies. Optional vegan lunch each day $15.


Connecting with nature is one of the greatest ways to get yourself feeling inspired and connected to both your Divinity and your Earth Mama self.

That's why we have created this special opportunity to explore ritual and painting at a gorgeous property rich with plants, trees, fresh air and a creek running through it. All of this sits in one of the area's most beautiful valleys in the Bay Area - San Gregorio, surrounded by rolling green hills just a few short miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Back to Nature - An Elemental Painting Immersion will provide you the space you need to unplug from the matrix and plug into your true nature, allowing your creativity to flow.

This special weekend will feature:

  • A water blessing

  • A meditation journey to connecting with Mama Earth and the elements

  • A step-by-step guided painting process

  • Group construction of a traditional medicine wheel

  • An optional catered vegan lunch both Saturday and Sunday $15 per day

Reserve your space for these explorations as space is limited.

What students say about Art as Medicine Workshops:

"I got so much out of Jane and Neesa's intentional creativity workshop  - I hope to experience this process again soon.  As an artist, I am super 'flow-y' and not at all structured, so I will admit that the structure of the process was challenging for me at times!  But really great things came of it - through the process, I tapped into a very potent creation energy that I am still contemplating and learning from...the workshop turned out to be an intense mystical experience that left me napping on the beach for 2 hrs after the class. I know that what came through is something that will take time to for me to grow and learn with. Having the painting which holds the spark for this connection is such a powerful gift!!" - Marie 

“I had an incredible experience with this process painting today! I am a trained painter with lots of schooling, and I haven’t had an opportunity to practice for the last five years. Today I got to return to painting - not just with the materials themselves, but also within a sacred container. That took it to another level for me, bringing all different parts of my life together into one place  - ceremony, creativity, intuition, inner knowing, community. It feels like a catalyst for what feels like the rest of my life! - Lori                                         

"What a great experience I had, a process that really connected all of us with our light and who we really are on the inside. And I was able to paint it in a way I never thought that I could. I got a lot of insights into who I am and what’s next for me. I’m really excited! Thank you so much Neesa and Jane.” – Lynn

"I was so thrilled with Intentional Creativity workshop. I really enjoyed the process and getting connected to my Muse. The workshop was beautifully curated! The healing aspects were most definitely felt. Jane and Neesa artfully led us through ritual and shamanic journey that really helped me connect with who I am. What a beautiful weekend, beautiful women creating beauty." - Karenna


Menu of Offerings, Jane Sanguinetti

Intentional Creativity Personal One on One Sessions

Introductory Session - 4 Hours $400

Daylong Painting Retreat - 7 Hours $600

6 Month Painting - 6 Sessions (4 Hours Each) - $350/sessiom

Year long Painting - 12 Sessions (4 Hours Each) - $350/session

Luminous Path Program (One Painting Only) - 8 Sessions (3 Hours Each) - $350/session - a journey around the medicine wheel

Intentional Creativity 13 Step Painting Group Workshops

Introductory Session - 4 Hours $175

Daylong Painting Retreat - 7 Hours

Weekend Painting Retreat - 10 Hours $350

Series of 3 Weekend Painting Retreats (10 Hours Each) $900

Intentional Creativity Meets 7Directions Dance Ceremony - 8 Hours $180

Paintings for Sale- Showing May 25 and 26 337 Mirada ART, Half Moon Bay, Ca

Commissioned Paintings- Please contact Jane for healing paintings and icons

Artist Statement, Jane Celeste Sanguinetti


My life is guided by Shamanism — the soul medicine that reunites humanity with what is sacred. I believe as the ancients did, that every creation on the earth is alive and conscious. We have become sick as a species because we have forgotten. Many believe in separation and do not honor our connection and intimacy with life. As a result, we are destroying our Mother Earth. My art serves to help people remember and rekindle healthy relationships with living. I aim to reconnect people with themselves and with the energy of being alive through offering resonant paintings of people in reverence with the elements, the cosmos, the ancient ones, animals, nature, and the world.

Opening up to prayer, ritual and journey, I enter into altered states of consciousness while painting. I listen for messages and glimpse images that wish to come alive into form on my canvas. My paintings are often answers to prayers, visions for a bright future, and guidance for how to live more deeply from the heart.

Working with several layers of thick acrylic paint and often with my hands, allows for a natural, earthy and free process to unfold. By delving into individual and collective psyche/soul, I experience multifaceted human states of being, such as hope and joy, as well as suffering, as a pathway to expression, soul retrieval, integration and rebirth. I love the feeling of wild abandon when I paint. I am drumming, singing, dancing and praying with a paintbrush in one hand, one with creation in those pure moments.

Teaching people how to feel this free is my dream and my honor. I am grateful for my lineages, professors and teachers, especially Shiloh Sophia with whom I’ve studied Intentional Creativity since 2012. A courageous artist and teacher, Shiloh possesses the wisdom and vision to wake up thousands of women through creative acts. Always inspirational, she has allowed me personal inquiry and freedom on my quest as an artist and art teacher.