Do you wish for more joy, connection and vitality but feel limited by your past or hidden unconscious belief systems? Do you long for a sacred union with your self, with Spirit and with the world?

I would be honored to guide you back home to a very human life that resonates with your personal truth. I hope to partner with you in creating a sacred life of goodness, peace, soul fullness, freedom, vitality, and joy. I have created my Sacred Self Coaching Program with the intention of inspiring people to reclaim their birthright. I am able to offer this work after years of personal struggle, healing and growth. Joy of Being is a journey we are all on. May it be so!

We will explore together in an unconditional and radically honest space, your relationship with yourself, the world, and with Spirit. Our inquiry begins with your willingness to share how the past is experienced in the present moment. We examine the individual self lovingly with the intention of strengthening capacity and creating solid practices that ultimately lead to the experience of the witnessing self.

Embracing your unique gifts and personal journey, honoring yourself as a vulnerable human being, and reconnecting to the natural world are the cornerstones of our work together.

Testimonials :

"I have been meeting with Jane for the Shaman series coaching.  I initially set up these sessions because I was seeking a deeper connection with my authentic self.  My sessions with Jane have been wonderful.  She is deeply intuitive, the insights that she reflects back to me are on a deeper level, so it helps me shift.  She also has a lot of tools under her belt which enables us to address and heal issues from different angles.  I love how she brings in creativity in our work, which makes it fun.  Jane is a rare and treasured resource in the Bay Area for shamanic work.  I highly recommend her!"- Michelle

“Jane is a gifted healer,  I had the honor of experiencing private Shamanic Coaching. Jane’s essence and presence is one of a nurturing sincere, love and non-judgmental compassionate Shamanic practitioner. Jane has worked for years studying and working on her own spiritual potential. Jane and I would meet every other week and I could feel the shift in my spiritual walk and growth. Jane and I worked together on issues that needed to be addressed in order for growth and change to occur. I had homework so that I could continue to bring change to my life. I chose to work with Jane in connecting with my ancestors, gifts, self; she did not disappoint. She has helped me value my connection with my Soul and has opened a door for other modalities of healing. I highly recommend Jane if you are looking for true growth, not a temporary remedy, but life changing. Jane is the real deal, she lives breathes, what she practices. I’m truly blessed.”-Desiree

”Jane Sanguinetti is a fantastic healer, guide and coach for those seeking deeper connection to their sacred inner spirit.  Jane is warm, insightful, highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable about transformative practices and she is profoundly dedicated to assisting anyone who is facing a variety of challenges, obstacles or who may be seeking greater peace and clarity in their life journey.  Most importantly, Jane is compassionate, powerful and very grounded and she will provide a serene, safe, supportive (and fun!) experience for inner work and she will guide you very clearly in practical healing applications to every day life.  I have enjoyed many healers over the years and, for me, Jane has absolutely been the most extraordinary and transformative.  If you are seeking a stronger sense of empowerment and alignment with your spirit and your daily life, you will receive outstanding care and guidance from Jane.  I could not recommend her more highly!”-Nina


Together, we will access all parts of your self to move towards the witnessing self through 10 or more sessions.  We cannot truly reach the clear experience of our higher selves without claiming and reintegrating all parts of ourselves.  Our work will be fundamentally holistic for this reason with a focus each session on mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Some individuals will need more than 10 sessions. We can co-create a program that is flexible and meets your needs and comfort level.



We will explore limiting belief systems and their impact on the mind in order to become more in tune with reality and dissolve distortions and projections.


We will use archetypal and intuitive information as a window into your being and psyche. You will familiarize yourself with your personal current archetype and the parts of yourself you may be unconscious of.


We will spend time balancing your body somatically, releasing emotions and tensions from the pain body through massage and energetic bodywork.


We will embark on a journey together to reclaim possible soul fragments and for the purpose of an overall healing and restoration.


We will create a nature ritual or use art as therapy for further releasing and claiming of birth right.


Together we will create a sustainable daily practice to strengthen self and maintain witnessing self awareness and humanness such as prayer, meditation, ritual, mantra, grounding etc. Each individual will cocreate with me a personalized daily practice based on their desires, calling and intentions.

I see most of my clients in person in my healing studio, however some of the sessions may be at your home or out in nature. All doorways can be experienced remotely through Skype or phone. (even body oriented doorways)

Please contact me to discuss this program or to set up your first appointment @ or (650)219-7609

 "Wherever you go, east, west, north or south, think of it as a journey into yourself! The one who travels into itself travels the world."

~ Shams Tabrizi

Gift Certificates

Give your friends and family the gift of health and wellness. Gift certificates are available in any amount towards healing arts sessions with Jane