Founder, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Earth Based Ceremonialist, Intuitive, Intentional Creativity Teacher and Massage Therapist

Jane Sanguinetti

I believe that daily life is full of the sacred and that if our perception and awareness is clear and expanded, we will feel loved, connected, and at peace every moment of our lives. My offerings and guidance support my clients in seeing what is true; that they are perfect, powerful and free just as they are, right at this very moment. I am constantly amazed at the beauty and struggles of life and remain humbled by the blessings of grace we are all given.

My healing work aims to reconnect people with their true essence, reclaiming their authentic selves and affirming their divine birth right. I believe my capacity for depth, presence, seeing, and compassion has opened the doors for many to touch vulnerable places and be witnessed. I explore creative ways of guiding people through transition and difficult terrain to build strength and perseverance through an emphasis on daily practices that encourage going deeper and honoring self awareness and inquiry in a sacred way.

All of my sessions are individualized and I draw upon varied modalities to balance mind, body and spirit. One of the things I am utterly passionate about is creation of a radically honest and intimate relationship with my clients. My holistic model addresses the whole self and all its unique parts as a pathway to integration leading ultimately to union with all of life or higher consciousness.

I graduated from the World School of Massage and Healing Arts and I hold a degree in Business and Art. I hold certifications in Cranio Sacral Therapy and Shamanic Studies. I am a 7Directions Dance Ceremony Facilitator and a certified Color of Woman Teacher and Artist at Cosmic Cowgirls. I have been offering my gifts in the healing arts since 2002 and opened Joy of Being, a healing temple, yoga studio and classroom space in 2008 with the intention of teaching people how to experience and actualize Joy in Being and living.

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