Our teachers are experienced and committed to proper alignment principles, wisdom, playfulness and heart. Our space is intimate and class sizes are small, enabling students to receive the many benefits of a safe and nurturing environment geared towards personal growth and expansion. We strive to create a positive atmosphere where all levels of students are welcome.

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 Massage and Wellness

Our coaches, massage therapists, bodyworkers and holistic healers at Joy of Being listen carefully to create your unique bodywork and healing session. The level of presence held here for deep transformation is unparalleled. 

Sacred Self Coaching

Cranio Sacral Balancing



New Offerings

Ayurvedic Consultations and Wellness Sessions with Dayna... We are so gifted to have Dayna with us. All of her products are hand made and can be purchased.

Surprise someone you love this holiday season with a beautiful gift certificate from Joy of Being!

We sell them for any amount and are happy to send them to your loved ones. What a simple and healthy way to show you care.

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How about a wellness session with Jane or Dayna? 

What a great gift a yoga class card would be for the new year?! What about a private yoga class with any of our instructors?

Please contact Jane for more details