Experience Healing, Training or Creating with Jane

In addition to being the founder of Joy of Being, Jane Sanguinetti is a massage therapist, shamanic practitioner, cranio sacral balancer, holistic coach, Reiki master/teacher, intuitive, artist, art teacher and earth based ceremonialist. All of Jane's sessions are individualized and she draws upon varied modalities to balance mind, body and spirit. Her holistic model addresses the whole self and all its unique parts as a pathway to integration leading ultimately to union with all life or higher consciousness.

For detailed information about Jane's Offerings including her Shamanic Training Program, Shamanic Healing, Sacred Self Coaching Program, Individualized Ceremony, 7Directions Dance Ceremony, Art and Intentional Creativity Painting Classes, Massage Treatments, Reiki Courses and to schedule your appointment contact her at (650)219 -7609 or jane@joyofbeing-mb.com


Upcoming Offerings

Reiki Level 2 Course December 2, 2018

Intentional Creativity Open House December 7, 2018

Intentional Creativity 4 Hour Class January 13, 2019

Intentional Creativity 2 Day Class January 26 and 27

Intentional Creativity 1 Day Class with 7Directions Dance Ceremony February 9, 2019

The Luminous Path 1 Year Shamanic Program Begins March 2019

Take a Movement Class

Our teachers are experienced and committed to proper alignment principles, wisdom, playfulness and heart. The studio space is intimate and class sizes are smaller, enabling students to receive the many benefits of a safe and nurturing environment geared towards personal growth and expansion.

We offer a variety of movement classes like Hatha Yoga, Yoga Basics, Ayurveda and Yoga, Sahaja Meditation, Feldenkrais, TRE and 7Directions Dance Ceremony with various teachers for all levels. Check our class schedule for details