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Illuminate Your Body, A Sacred Ceremony

Illuminate Your Body - A Sacred Ceremony of prayer, sound and moving meditation with a light body activation. This body and energy healing process will naturally release what's old and bring a new level of wholeness to your physical body.


Through ritual, prayerful intention and a deliberate activation process, this ceremonial space will bring healing to integrate your Body and Soul. The physical body form is a reflection of the imprinting in your energy fields and the DNA of your ancestry. By activating an upgraded template for your light body, your life experience can take on a new level of sensitivity and awareness to feel more accurately your FULL Self, a sense of oneness and to make peace with your body as a temple. This ceremony with Neesa and Jane is designed to integrate your healing if you've attended the Healing Body painting workshop, but anyone with the desire can also participate.

$60 by June 2 Early Bird Special, $85 regular price