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Feldenkrais Series

The next Feldenkrais series will focus on Integrating the upper back. This 3 week series starts on March 7th at 6 PM at Joy of Being in Moss Beach and concludes March 21st. The cost of the series is $45 paid on March 7th. The drop in fee is $20.

Integrating the upper back series:

Many people experience tension, stiffness or pain in the upper back, that region from the lower part of the neck to the mid back. Often this is a result of now only about how we are using ourselves but also because many of us do not have a clear image of how that part of the spine relates to the shoulder, neck and lower back.


In this series, we will specifically work to integrate the upper chest and back with the arms, and neck, and the entire trunk and pelvis. As this series progresses you may begin to notice a change in your breathing, an ease in your neck, arms and your lower back. By experiencing these lessons my hope is that you will have self-care tools you can repeat at home to keep your upper back with that sense of aliveness that comes from feeling more integrated or connected to the entirety of you.


Please contact Susan prior to attending your first class at (650)465-5528, or