Jane Celeste Sanguinetti, Artist and Intentional Creativity Teacher

Artist Statement

My life is guided by Shamanism — the soul medicine that reunites humanity with what is sacred. I believe as the ancients did, that every creation on the earth is alive and conscious. We have become sick as a species because we have forgotten. Many believe in separation and do not honor our connection and intimacy with life. As a result, we are destroying our Mother Earth. My art serves to help people remember and rekindle healthy relationships with living. I aim to reconnect people with themselves and with the energy of being alive through offering resonant paintings of people in reverence with the elements, the cosmos, the ancient ones, animals, nature, and the world. Opening up to prayer, ritual and journey, I enter into altered states of consciousness while painting. I listen for messages and glimpse images that wish to come alive into form on my canvas. My paintings are often answers to prayers, visions for a bright future, and guidance for how to live more deeply from the heart. Working with several layers of thick acrylic paint and often with my hands, allows for a natural, earthy and free process to unfold. By delving into individual and collective psyche/soul, I experience multifaceted human states of being, such as hope and joy, as well as suffering, as a pathway to expression, soul retrieval, integration and rebirth. I love the feeling of wild abandon when I paint. I am drumming, singing, dancing and praying with a paintbrush in one hand, one with creation in those pure moments. Teaching people how to feel this free is my dream and my honor. I am grateful for my lineages, professors and teachers, especially Shiloh Sophia with whom I’ve studied Intentional Creativity since 2012. A courageous artist and teacher, Shiloh possesses the wisdom and vision to wake up thousands of women through creative acts. Always inspirational, she has allowed me personal inquiry and freedom on my quest as an artist and art teacher.

Creative Bio

Jane Celeste Sanguinetti, a California native, studied fine art and fashion design in San Francisco, California and received a Minor in Art History in 1988 from San Francisco State University. Until 2002, she worked in the retail fashion industry creating visual display and store design before moving into upper management. When her first daughter was born in 2000, she began a meditation practice and experienced her first spiritual awakening which led her to study bodywork and the healing arts. In 2008, Jane founded Joy of Being, a community based healing temple and sacred space for transformation in Moss Beach, Ca. Currently the founder of Joy of Being, she is an Artist, Art Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive, Holistic Coach, Reiki Master, Bodyworker and Ceremonialist living in Pacifica, Ca. A creative in all ways, her paintings, temple, home, gardens, and altar spaces capture a sense of beauty and heart based intention. As a professional healer, and empath, every session, course, and ceremony Jane offers is indeed a work of art guided by the divine. Joy of Being serves as a light house or beacon for many to be witnessed, held, loved, and supported. Jane is passionate about inspiring and training other healers, teachers and practitioners and offers her space for them to explore their gifts and contributions to the world. The art of being a steward to the land and to the energy of Joy of Being, and maintaining a business as a divine offering for 10 years, is her masterpiece to date. In 2012, Jane began studying Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia. Her lifelong dream of creating large acrylic paintings came true when she joined the Red Madonna program, offered by Shiloh and the Cosmic Cowgirls Organization. Jane’s art serves to rekindle the relationship between the human and the sacred. Her work is Shamanic in nature, straddling the worlds of heaven and earth. Her images depict the intimacy and energy between humans, plants, animals, the stars and spirit. In 2018, she became certified to teach Intentional Creativity through the Color of Woman School. She is also a member of the Intentional Creatives Guild, an international organization changing the world through creative expression and empowerment. Jane offers group painting classes, individual sessions, and 7Directions Dance Ceremony with Intentional Creativity retreats.  Her One Year Shamanic Program, The Luminous Path offers students the opportunity to study multicultural Shamanism with Intentional Creativity.  Some of her paintings are available for sale and she welcomes private commissions.