Group and Personal Guided Ceremony for Enduring Transformatiom 

"Ceremony is the glue thats binds culture, and the rituals of ceremony allow a true giving of oneself.  Mind, body, and spirit all need the sanctuary of ritual to allow stillness and peace.  It is during the solitude of ceremony that all freely merge into one and complete the circle of creation."- Lynn V. Andrews

Offered by:

Jane Sanguinetti and Neesa Ginger Mills


Daytime and Evening Dates are Available
3-5 hours
Cost is based on length of Ceremony
and number of participants

Clearing out the suffering of past relationship and making space for a new partner and baby.

Replacing unidentified sadness and malaise with a palpable knowing of profound connection to Self as a Divine Human.

Releasing a lost child, and reclaiming clarity and sensitivity to energy and Spirit after 17 years of grief.

Feeling dead in a body and marriage, then awakening her sensual body, her woman power and opening to a new world of energy perception.

These are some of the amazing things we have witnessed through The Private Soul Journey process, a personal ceremony that calls in just the right tools to meet the transformational call of each unique Soul.

“I had been working with myself to find forgiveness. I had a HEAVY heart and was not able to move my energy beyond a certain point. With Neesa and Jane by my side, they supported me to truly shift the energy that had been stuck for soon long. I can’t really explain… but it was POWERFUL. REALLY POWERFUL! The forgiveness I needed was found AND so much more. I highly recommend this way of ceremonial healing. You will be held in the Spirit world to be healed on earth. They are extraordinary healers, two earth angels.” - Sandy

After working with clients for nearly 25 years in groups and through 1-1 office sessions, we are thrilled to be birthing this new model in which rapid change seems to happen in just a few hours. Wow! The experiences are big, and more importantly, the shifts reported are changing day to day life.

Personal ceremony is an unfamiliar model in our modern world, but my how quickly things can change when a person chooses to step into a space designed specifically for their own transformation. This ceremonial space is personal and private, designed and guided for one person at a time with two healing guides. The format draws on Shamanic earth medicine, celestial healing and Soul embodiment practices.

“Physically, I have experienced no hip pain all week, that is monumental. Mentally, I have felt more focused and calm since the ceremony. I have begun to see energy fields again without significant concentration or being in a meditative state. I went for a walk on Saturday and overlooked a meadow and saw/sensed the 'aliveness' of it again without significant concentration or meditation. Things are definitely different in my reality,” one woman shared after her personal Soul Journey.

Each journey is completely unique, with a combination of different healing tools and approaches. Yet there is a common thread powered by prayerful, ceremonial space that taps into the Great Mystery. The customized altars we create and the invisible forces we summon bring alignment between the conscious and the unconscious parts of the person seeking healing.

The altars take on a life of their own, with the task of holding the highest vibration possible for the Soul journeying for a visionary change. The last altar we built literally created a healing force field that one with sensitive hands could feel more than a foot away.

An analogy we like to use about the altars is the difference between a pretty lamp on a table with no light bulb versus the fully powered lamp glowing and illuminating the space all around it.

The altars are fueled by the power of prayer and a specific process we use to activate its full potential. Other parts of the journey interweave potent energetic hands-on healing, body movement, intuitive readings, music, drum, guided meditation and creative expression.  

Through this mysterious process, we find an activation of the Soul that is precious and truly life changing.

These ceremonies are currently available upon request in Moss Beach, California