"People don't need to be saved or rescued. People need knowledge of their own power and how to access it"

October 8, 2017 to June 10, 2018

One Sunday Each Month, Noon-4pm  

True relationship takes time to grow-with yourself, other people and the world. And yet, the time is worthwhile because what you cultivate becomes a foundation for you to thrive. Everywhere.

Join Staci Boden and Jane Sanguinetti for a monthly healing circle from October 2017 through June 2018. As we move through the seasons together, we will connect the wisdom of the directions (east, south, west and more) with core teachings from Staci's book, Turning Dead Ends into Doorways

Each four-hour circle combines personal sharing with earth-based experiential practices to explore what it means to be human in a supportive community.

Our intention is to provide a nourishing and joyful sacred circle for you to connect with whatever quality you need to develop inside. Are you ready to embody self-love, authentic truth, joy, clarity, courage, grace, power, surrender, healing, compassion, gratitude or your life's work? What intention might support more balance and wholeness? What do you need to thrive at this time?

Our circles include:



-Individual Sharing

-Group Discussion

-Sacred Wheel Alignment

-Guided Visualization

-Shamanic Journeying

-Hands-On Energy Healing




Dates: Oct 8, Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 7, Feb 4, March 4, April 8, May 6, June 10

For: All open minded people are welcome  

Tuition: $110 per monthly circle for nine months plus one preparation individual session with Jane (intuitive) and Staci (counseling) each at $100 per session by Sept 15. Pay total in advance and receive $100 off or pay monthly.  

Pre-registration includes: Phone assessment and Deposit of $110

Required materials:

Staci's book, Turning Dead Ends into Doorways. Copies will be available for purchase.

Space is open to 12 participants.

For more information and to schedule your phone assessment, please contact:





About the Facilitators:

Staci Boden, MA, is an earth-based counselor, ceremonialist, energy teacher and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways.


With over 15 years of individual and group facilitation, Staci teaches people to navigate life through personal process, guided visualization, dance ceremony, breathwork and hands-on energy healing.Staci's heartfelt joy and intention is to hold space for people as they birth meaning in practical and spiritual ways throughout their lives.

A founder of 7Directions in 2002, Staci leads dance ceremony for the public, ongoing women's groups and weekend retreats. As a 'teacher's teacher", she developed the 7Directions Facilitator Training and launched the program with Ruby Monsen in 2016. Staci has also been on staff of the Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training Program through the Center for Sacred Studies since 2008. Individual and couple's sessions with Staci include emotional support for conscious daily living especially regarding anxiety, relationship issues and healing the mother wound. Visit Staci at Dancing-Tree Consulting.

Jane Sanguinetti is the founder and owner of Joy of Being, curating community with yoga classes, sacred events and healing sessions in Moss Beach since 2009.


Jane is a holistic coach, intuitive, massage therapist, shamanic practitioner, Reiki master and artist with an emphasis on intentional creativity, dance ceremony and multicultural Shamanism.For the past 14 years, she has been devoted to individuals with a clear intention to deeply support them in finding the sacred in life and returning to joy and freedom in being.Jane's group facilitation includes teaching Reiki, co-creating transformational workshops, holding rites of passage ceremonies, and leading art process. She has been co-holding 7Directions dance ceremony on the Coast for over a year with Staci as part of becoming a facilitator. Jane is honored to inspire and guide the creation many groups at Joy of Being as midwifing community is a sacred intention.

We're honored to support you as you step through this doorway to develop your sacred self. As we travel together, may your intentions come alive to guide your way.