Klaus Lehrach

Klaus is a playful, yet sincere, student of yoga who lives in the Half Moon Bay area with his wife Amanda and two cats. Klaus has been teaching since 1992. He has studied with some of the top American yoga teachers, including Richard Freeman (yogaworkshop.com) and John Friend (anusara.com) and gives thanks each day for their generous guidance. He brings humor and lightheartedness into his classes, yet reminds his students that yoga is a spiritual practice that can help us awaken to our True Nature.
Klaus has detailed knowledge of alignment principles and therapeutic application of yoga, respect for each student, and encourages awakening to what is. Classes are geared to reflect the abilities and diversity of the students.
Klaus' studies have included the fundamental texts of yoga philosophy; The Bhagavad-Gita, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and the Upanisads. He has also been influenced by his studies of Zen Buddhism with the San Francisco Zen Center. Visit his personal website for more information.
"I have been studying with Klaus Lehrach for over a decade and I still am learning. Any question I offer about a pose is met with wisdom and care. Klaus is the consummate teacher's teacher, with his wealth of knowledge on anatomy, alignment, and everything yoga.
Whether a beginner or an advanced student, Klaus has something to offer. He presents the tools for a healthy foundation one needs for the physical longevity in any yoga practice. His in-depth understanding of how the muscles and bones co-incide is complete. No other instructor in my experience can break down a pose in such a way that enables one to execute as never before.  A gem on our coastside, I highly recommend taking one of his classes. He will amuse you with his humor and light-heartedness but, don't be fooled..... behind his silly demeanor is a vast amount of imformation and insight!" SE



Jeanne Sentman 

Yoga has been an integral part of Jeanne's life for over 20 years with her initial RYT 200 training dating back to the early 90’s under the direction of Joseph LePage, IYT (Integrated Yoga Therapy). Since then she has studied with many excellent local teachers as well as with Tracey Rich/Ganga White and Tias Little. While she will forever be a student of the practice, she will remain deeply grateful and excited for the opportunity to share with her students the wisdom that so many of her  teachers have shared with her. Jeanne's teaching style is rooted in IYT training together with the energy and inspiration that each student brings to the practice. The intention for her classes is to provide a safe place for students to discover their own inner strength and peace. To fully understand that “they” are their own best teacher. 
"I attended a great yoga class last night at Joy of Being in Moss Beach with Jeanne Sentman. Her class was beautifully designed and it was clear that she is very experienced and tuned in to the needs of her students."NM