Restorative Yoga (gentle and beginner) with Jessica


For students newer to yoga, those working with injuries, and all who want to slow downed go back to the basics. This practice will offer a foundation in yoga philosophy, body alignment and basic poses interwoven with deep, mindful restorative poses.



Hatha Yoga with Jeanne

Jeanne's classes will focus on the importance of breath to develop a strong, safe and inspiring practice. Sequences will often include sun salutations, standing, balancing, and seated postures with modifications to satisfy students of all levels of practice.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Soulful Sunday) with Sarita


Ease on into Soulful Sunday, starting with a gentle warm up and some yin movements, slowly building energy, breath and flow in this vinyasa class designed to keep you present, build strength and awareness in your body, stabilize the nervous system and leave you with a sense of calm and peace. It's all about the spirit, mind, body connection and the playfulness we foster in the blanacing of the three. 


Multilevel Yoga with Klaus


A well rounded practice including variations of common poses, inversions and some backbends. Alternative variations are offered for every level student and body type. The study of good alignment principles, some philosophy and a little chanting are included.


Yoga Basics (beginner friendly) with Klaus


Yoga basics offers a good foundation for newer and continuing students. Safe and anatomically sound alignment, basic yoga philosophy, and cultivation of a common sense home practice are taught.