Shamanism is the oldest form of spiritual practice. I like to think of Shamanism as soul medicine. The medicine addresses suffering that cannot be addressed through conventional medicine because the issue of soul is missing. I practice and study universal and multicultural Shamanism as a way to heal people and gain insight into wholeness for human beings and the world.

This is done by changing my consciousness through prayer, drumming, ceremony and dancing. In that altered state, I will sometimes take a journey to other worlds in the Shamanic realm or just receive guidance and information from helping, compassionate spirits. Together healing for restoration is applied and then brought into this world for my clients.  There is no prescribed way of doing this as each person is complex and unique. I follow where I am being led and trust in compassion, peace and love.

Typical illnesses of the soul that I commonly treat are power loss, soul fragmentation, and loss of spiritual protection. This form of healing addresses shock, trauma, disaster, surgery, addiction, loss, divorce, ptsd, immune deficiency, grief, energy imbalance, and depression.

Please contact Jane if you would like more information or to schedule an appointment or ceremony.