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Sound Healing April 21


Join us June 2 from 7: 30 PM to 9:30 PM for a 'SoulPrint Seminars' event at Joy of Being  in Moss Beach, CA

Come celebrate life and experience the healing power of music / sound.
Doors open at 7:30! 

Suggested Donation: $25 - $40

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In this experiential event you are invited to lay down or sit and just receive; to be bathed in sound, vibration, frequency, resonance and loving thoughts that will sooth, relax and heal your body, mind and soul. 

Each attendee will receive several minutes of individual healing attention with didgeridoos, tuning forks and voice...

“Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony.”
Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks (1451-1519)

Occasionally we employ binaural beat / hemispheric syncronization technology for certain songs so bring your own headphones or earbuds if you wish. To get the most benefit from this deeply relaxing technology that we add to our improvisational musical creations, headphones / earbuds are optimal. However the use of headphones is completely optional. 

We will all experience the healing power of toning, chanting, breathing, didgeridoo, drums, flutes, guitar, sitar and many other potential instruments and technologies.


Please contact Todd Zimmerman and sign up early to ensure your place due to limited spaces at our venue; or 650 387-2051. Check, {Paypal (}, Credit or Debit cards accepted.

Bring your own pads, pillows, blankets, headphones / earbuds and water bottles.

Our Musicians:

Kenneth Hooper - is a world flute artist who enjoys creating musical spaces to relax into. With a variety of Native American, Pueblo style and Chinese Xiao flutes he endeavors to take listeners on a musical journey inward toward peace and well being.

Kenneth also sings, plays hand and electronic drums and other rhythm instruments. He has a certificate in sound, voice and music healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

Mark Takata - has been studying sound healing and sacred chant for the past few decades. He has a certificate in sound, voice and music healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), where he has been asked to mentor current students on practical techniques for sound healing.

Mark is a sound healing practitioner using biosonics, tuning forks , singing bowls, vocal overtone chant along with therapeutic body work and life coaching.

Todd Zimmerman - integrates Shamanic Breathwork, Scientific Hand Analysis and Transformational Coaching. He is an intuitive soul oriented practitioner focusing on integration and self-actualization. 

Todd is an improvisational musician playing didgeridoo, drums, guitar, voice and native american flute from the heart in harmony with the current moment. 

Tatanka Bricca - is a singer/songwriter, playing piano, keyboards, guitar and native drum. He plays a variety of musical genres ranging from classical to blues to jazz to ambient / healing. Tatanka’s musical expression is inventive, clairvoyant and rich in intuitive wisdom.

Tatanka brings a gentle and compassionate presence to everything he does. He performs quarterly in Santa Cruz, hosting “Tatanka’s Living Room”.

Gian Berselli - is a professional film composer, music producer and sound healer. With an MFA in Music for Visual Media and a degree in Sound, Voice and Music Healing his mission is to bring more music, love and light along his path.

He is also engaged in the sound healing community, where he teaches music in many forms, and performs at different occasions. He is also creating and producing a CD featuring amazing sound healers from the Bay Area.

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