"Quite possibly the best massage I have ever had - and I've been getting regular massage for almost 10 years. Jane is very intuitive and worked on problem areas that I didn't even mention. Her technique is strong and gentle at the same time - she has a knack for working a spot very deeply, but painlessly. Her studio, Joy of Being, is lovely and the massage room is a little oasis. I highly recommend Jane to anyone, veteran massage recipient or first timer, she will know exactly how to work on you!" NG

"Jane is amazing!
Getting a massage from her has been one of my highlights for the year. What more can one ask for? She can be super strong (if that's what you're into, the deep tissue) or gentle, in-tune, intuitive and understands the spirit not just the body. I have had over 100 massages in my life by many practitioners. Jane is in the top 5 people." FD


Cranio Sacral Balancing



 60 minutes  $ 120
  90 MINUTES $155 | 120 minutes  $250


5  -90 minute sessions 725($50 off) $145/session

10 -90 minute sessions $1400($150 off) $140/session


5  -60 minute sessions $550($50off) $110/session

10 -60 minute sessions $1050($150 off) $105/session


Please schedule in advance to hold your appointment times. Payment is due if session is cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time.

Check, Cash, Venmo, and Paypal are accepted

This is a gentle and profound treatment that involves connecting and working with the cranio sacral rhythm of the body to bring about balance, vitality, deep relaxation and release of blockages, emotions and tightly held tension in the body.

The rhythm extends and can be felt throughout the body, though most of the work takes place at the sacrum and hips, throughout the spine, and especially at the chest, neck and skull area. Work on the head and neck create a feeling of openness, expansion and clearing. The most unique attribute of this work is its ability to address and heal what is known as cellular memory, the various effects of physical or emotional trauma stored in the body. For some people there is an over identification with the mind and its stories. 

This creates emotions that can be trapped in our bodies at the cellular level creating pain, inflexibility, blockages, negative thinking and sometimes dis-ease. The process of fully accepting emotions creates a new healthier frequency -- one of pure presence. Jane aims to help people feel safe expressing emotions thus guiding them to shift their frequency. Learn more about craniosacral therapy here


Long strokes down the body are used with the application of oil and aromatherapy with some light pressure, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscles. This is gentle and relaxing.

Deep Tissue

This type of massage targets deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Slower and deeper strokes and friction techniques are used across the grain of muscles. Clients who are chronically in pain, have repetitive strain, have postural problems, are recovering from injury, have limited mobility, and suffer from arthritis, muscle spasms and large amounts of stress will benefit greatly from regular deep tissue massage. It works by breaking down adhesions formed by rigid tissue in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Pre-/Post-natal Massage

Care is given to assist women in finding joy and ease in their bodies and in their new role as mother. The focus of is to help clients create a strong connection with their baby while creating a nurturing, fertile, peaceful and positive environment in which mom and baby can thrive in.

  • Increases circulation of blood and chi which reduces and prevents swollen limbs, varicose veins and leg cramps.

  • Releases endorphins, the body's natural pain killer, while relieving sore muscles. The whole back, ribcage and hips tend to be sore as the muscles stretch beyond their regular limits, taking on most of the weight of the baby.

  • Reduces and prevents sciatica caused by pressure from the baby on the sciatic nerve.

  • Reduces and prevents stretch marks by improving elasticity of skin.

  • Brings nutrients to cells and releases toxins and emotions from tissues and cells in the body.

  • Reduces and prevents headaches and neck pain caused by an increased heart rate and blood volume. Massage soothes the nerves of the brain and balances the hemispheres, causing blood pressure to drop and heart rate to slow down.

  • Reduces fatigue, stress and insomnia relaxing both baby and mom and creates a balanced and peaceful mind.

Gift Certificates

Give your friends and family the gift of health and wellness. Gift certificates are available in any amount for classes or massage. Contact Jane to order yours