7 Directions ® Dance Ceremony

September, 2016 - January, 2017 


If you already recognize dance, music and earth-based ceremony as essential, THIS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE WILL FEEL LIKE COMING HOME.  

If a busy life means scheduling your self-care, this monthly three hour experience will nourish you in a timely way.

Staci Boden , MA, Certified Maitri Breathwork Facilitator, is an earth-based counselor, energy teacher and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways with over 15 years of experience teaching individuals and groups how to follow energy and navigate life. 

A founder of 7Directions in 2002, Staci's love for earth-based dance ceremony has led to facilitating public, private, and ongoing women's groups across the Bay Area. Today, Women's 7Directions is in its 7th year with Staci holding monthly groups in Berkeley, Moss Beach and San Francisco from September through June. She will begin teaching 7Directions Facilitator Training with Ruby Monsen this fall.   

Deeply committed to earth-based ways, Staci has a 20-year relationship with Maitri Breathwork and the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS). She's been on staff of the Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training Program through CSS since 2008, including co-facilitating this two-year certification program in 2012. 

Individual sessions with Staci support gentle transformation regarding anxiety, relationship issues and holistic business mentoring. Visit Staci at  Dancing-Tree Consulting.

If you'd like to meet some (more) wise, loving, and fierce women, this group will warm your heart and knock your socks off. 

Join Staci and essential assistants for a 5 month healing journey that combines earth-based dance ceremony with the nourishing power of a women's group. 

Accompanied by a blend of tribal, electronic, devotional, and pop music, 7Directions creates a loving space for women to dance intentions alive while sharing, laughing, grieving, transforming, celebrating and following their own rhythm. 

7Directions becomes not only a monthly gathering of amazing women, but also a way to cultivate body wisdom and move through life.   


San Francisco(NEW night, Saturday ) Sept 10, Oct 1, Nov 12, Dec 3, Jan 14

Details for all three groups: 

Time: 7-10 pm (9:30-10pm snack)

Tuition: $275 for five sessions ($55/month)  

Extras: a 30 minute monthly phone call ($50 value) and discounts on individual healing sessions

Preregistration required: email Staci or call 415.828.2527

Scheduling conflict? If you need to miss a dance, you can make it up by crossing over to any other group two times.