7Directions ® Dance Ceremony- Morning 5/20, 6/24 rsvp $40

If you already recognize dance, music and earth-based ceremony as essential, THIS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE WILL FEEL LIKE COMING HOME.
If you'd like to meet some (more) wise, loving, and fierce people, this group will warm your heart and knock your socks off. 

Accompanied by a blend of tribal, electronic, devotional, and pop music, 7Directions creates a loving space for people to dance intentions alive while sharing, laughing, grieving, transforming, celebrating and following their own rhythm. 

7Directions becomes not only a monthly gathering of amazing people, but also a way to cultivate body wisdom and move through life. 

Because this is a ceremony we will start right on time so please allow yourself enough time to arrive. Door will close and be locked at 10am

Please wear light, loose clothing for dance, a water bottle, a journal and an item for our altar