Dance Inspiration Series

Dancing is the warrior’s way to retrieve those parts of the Self that are lost or unremembered. -- Angeles Arrien, The Four Fold Way
 Susana van Bezooijen

Dance inspiration is a Sunday morning improvisational dance session with all kinds of music. There are no steps to learn; no right or wrong way to dance. This is a time to dance your own way supported by the environment and inspired by your true essential nature. Letting go of thinking and letting your body direct your course opens your heart and is deeply healing to body and spirit. Over time it is transformative. No prior dance experience is necessary. There is no age limit. You will follow your own rhythm and are free to rest or move slowly or quickly as feels right. Susana and the group will provide suggestions, for those who care to follow, but you are free to follow your way.

Sliding scale $8-10, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Questions? contact Susana at

"The GENIUS of this dance class is the moving freedom of the best YOU there is. Heritage, surprise,
growth, knowledge, and dream embedded in our cells breathe open and available by music.
Susana, richly experienced and humble, is master mentor to the dance traveler while keeping tunes and
space. The plane is a floor with a room fully begging for steps into response, creativity, exercise and the
soulful dance of the non ego." - student

Susana van Bezooijen has been doing dance improvisation since she was 21 years old and has been dancing for 45 years since then. She studied dance theater in college, and performed with a small troupe in San Francisco afterwards. When she moved to Palo Alto in 1981, she met and studied with her soul teacher Gertrude Knight, who had studied with Louise Dufort -- a student of Isadora Duncan. Gertrude taught Susana to follow her breath, to quiet the mind and trust the body to find the essential beauty of movement. When Gertrude retired, Susana carried on with her co-dancer Fran Bell until after she moved to El Granada in 1992. Susana has continued to dance with Fran and a group in Palo Alto and now she brings this practice to the coast side.